Monthly Archives: April 2021

TalkCast 479 – Another High Ace

When we first spoke with the writing team known as OE Tearman in January oof 2020 it was to introduce book one of their Aces High, Jokers Wild Dystopian Science Fiction Series. In this episode , we welcome back Olivia and Nonier to talk about book 2 in the series, Call The Bluff as well […]

TalkCast 478 – There Wolf! (with apologies to Marty Feldman).

Once upon a time there was a werewolf, who sometimes wasn’t a very good one. It really wasn’t his fault, because as most of his ilk, he was a victim of circumstance. Meet Michael Andrews, protagonist of The Canadian Werewolf Series  written by tonight’s guest the very smart and funny Mark Leslie. We got the […]

TalkCast 477- More Wales Watching with Marie Powell

How does one get lost in their own interview? I have to admit, it was easy in this one. Marie Powell came by to take with us about her personal journey of discovery which began with an ancestral inquiry into her own Welsh background and culminated into this marvelous duology, Watersight (Last Of The Gifted); […]

TalkCast 476 – The Blood and The Finger

What is a sequel? Is book two in a series a continuation of the story or an expansion of the characters? In this episode we get the chance to talk again with Trevor Fernandes-Lenkiewicz as he brings us book two of his Kickstarter funded series, Area 51: The Helix Project. The fledgling writer has come […]

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