Monthly Archives: March 2020

TalkCast 436 – A Sentinel by any other name…..

Welcome, my friends to this edition where we get to talk with fellow broadcaster, journalist  and comic creator Ryan Lessard about his 20 year old new project. What does he mean by that? We spend a good portion of the discussion talking about just how long this went from seed of a concept in a […]

TalkCast 435 – The Deadly Australian Quokka

We need more fun. A statement; direct, simple and to the point. At the time of this podcast, we need more fun. Due to ecological circumstance our daily lives are becoming more like “The Caves of Steel”, so DAMN IT, WE NEED MORE FUN!!! What has that got to do with the deadly, vicious Australian […]

TalkCast 434 – Let That Cat Out Of That Box, NOW!

On this show we welcome Boston “semi-native” Jeffrey A.Carver. His work ranges from hard SF to space opera with a healthy sense of wonder. He has taught writing in many settings, from educational television to Odyssey to MIT to his own workshops He is the author of eighteen science fiction novels, including the recently published “Time […]

TalkCast433 – Could it be Capt. Keith Crunch?

What do Heckle and Jeckle, Huckleberry Hound and Diver Dan have to do with this episode? Honestly, nothing….and EVERYTHING. Join us on an old timey/futuristic voyage with the adventures of The Mighty Mascots, a unique comic from the interesting mind of Keith Gleason, and their collective future. Then we got to spend some time talking […]

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