TalkCast 435 – The Deadly Australian Quokka

Not Joseph Madden

Not Joseph J. Madden At All!

We need more fun. A statement; direct, simple and to the point. At the time of this podcast, we

Actually Joseph J. Madden

Actually Joseph J. Madden

need more fun. Due to ecological circumstance our daily lives are becoming more like “The Caves of Steel”, so DAMN IT, WE NEED MORE FUN!!!

What has that got to do with the deadly, vicious Australian Quokka? Of paramount importance, what has that got to do with Joseph J. Madden? All very good questions, dear listeners, and as someone who inherited the title of The Dome, I sought to bring clarity to this and other questions.

We got to speak with Joseph about his series The Starhawk Chronicles. This is a series of books, short stories. character and plots that have been ruminating in his head for decades and can be blamed (let’s use the term “inspired” instead) on Disney. Our conversation meandered around when this happened, why it happened, the overall influence of non-sci fi writer Louis L’Amoure on the series, how it got to where it is as a series and where it is going in the coming volumes. The great thing is the series is well written fun, Joseph is fun to talk to and despite all technical and ecological boulders we had to overcome, this was a very fun show to do.

For those of you keeping score at home, there is a Manhattan, Kansas.

Enjoy the chaos.


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The Starhawk Chronicles

The Starhawk Chronicles

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