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TalkCast 233 – Travis Richey & Nick Acosta

or, ‘The Making of  The Inspector Chronicles: Untitled Movie About A Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel In Time’.   Thanks to all the wonderful people we met at the Pop Culture Expo: Leah Cevoli, Pete Best , Mike Manning, Billy West, Kristian Narin, Alaina Huffman, Bill Plympton, Bill Diamond, Jim Martin and Sarah Hensley. […]

TalkCast 232 – Joseph Schmalke

A Michael Jackson Hologram Performed at the Billboard Music Awards Godzilla’s back RiffTrax doing a Kickstarter to make fun of 1998 Godzilla Skyline 2 coming…why? Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Is NOT Working on Episode VII Ray Bradbury’s House Is For Sale Matt Smith Will Return to Doctor Who DC is hiring a crap load of […]

TalkCast 231 – A Plethora of Guests

[Note: Welcome to Sci Fi Tuesday Morning! Sorry about the delay in posting, I was an airhead and forgot to hit the “save” button after I scheduled the post. If you have tomatoes to throw, they should be directed at me. – Love, Zombrarian]   Broadcast Networks’ Rating Results Released, and we have OPINIONS Nauticon […]

TalkCast 230 – Sara Richard

(Note: I tried really hard to keep track of what we discussed in this news segment,  but once you hear it you’ll understand the lack of links. Sara is too fun and distracted me from my note-taking duties. Not that that’s bad…) Jurassic Park Nipples? Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Did Not End, despite what Dome thought. […]

TalkCast 229 – Ron Garner of Silence in the Library Publishing

Nauticon JJ Abrams Threatens Star Wars, Announces New Cast Star Wars VII: No Girls Allowed ComiXology’s App Store rating dive bombs after Amazon changes The Number of Bad Moves This Con Made Is…Stunning Poll: Who is the best Sci Fi FBI agent?   Tonight’s guest is Ron Garner from Silence in the Library Publishing. […]

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