TalkCast 232 – Joseph Schmalke


Whew! The News is BACK everyone! And after that info-and-opinion-packed segment, we talk to comic creator Joseph Schmalke about The Calamitous Black Devils. This comic is awesome, and you don’t have to take my word for it, just check out this description:

 The Calamitous Black Devils is set during World War II and follows the exploits of an elite brigade of Army operatives—the Black Devils.  The team is composed of mostly American and Canadian soldiers, joined by MI-6 and the Russian Night Witches.  Their mission is to stop a top secret Nazi plot to harness a multidimensional gateway that will allow an Ancient One, Anan-Zaha, to cross over into our world.   But while battling the Nazi forces, the team is pulled into another world against their will.  They must fight their way through a universe at war, trying to make their way back home.


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