Monthly Archives: February 2014

TalkCast220 – Dave Campbell and Steve Lanzilla

Warehouse 13’s Final Season Harlan Does Hollywood Sci Fest gets an Angel offer to fund match all backers from now ‘til end of Kickstarter Travis Richey, Sylvester McCoy and Robert Picardo walk into a Crowdfunding campaign Viva El Rey! THIS Is What A Time Lord Looks Like Tonight our guests are Dave and Steve from […]

TalkCast 219 – StoryBundle Spectacular: Part The Second

Alexander Skarsgard is Tarzan Thor 3 and Captain America 3? Evidently yes. Black Widow Solo Film Lego Movie Blooper Reel Superman 2: Return of the Bad Casting AHS going to the Circus next season? Why Dragonlance should be the next fantasy film franchise Help fund Geeky Sprinkles! Poll: Who do you want as your Valentine […]

TalkCast 218 – StoryBundle Spectacular!

A Trove of Great Science Fiction and Fantasy – Free for a Limited Time Supernatural Spin-Off? Sure! Sounds stupendous! Indiegogo Private Mission to Mars Ice-T records D&D audiobook: “This s%!t is impossible to read.” Poll: Best Sci Fi Martial Artist   Tonight we have four of the lovely authors who are participating in the SFSN-curated […]

The SFSN StoryBundle!

We’re proud to announce that Sci-Fi Saturday Night has curated a collection for! StoryBundle’s proud to present the Sci-Fi Saturday Night Bundle, a collection of 7 titles curated exclusively by Sci-Fi Saturday Night. The popular podcast’s hosts each chose their favorite authors and we’re proud to feature the collection together for the first time anywhere… […]

TalkCast 217 – Jay Mooers and Kristi McDowell

Sleepy Hollow hires John Noble full-time, because they are not stupid With Capt. America: The Winter Soldier incomplete, a deal is set for #3 Indigo-go project: The Museum of Science Fiction Friend of SFSN Terry Moore sponsoring a super-scary contest John Simm to star in BBCA’s The Intruders Tonight’s guests are Jason Mooers and Kristi […]

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