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Story Bundle We’re proud to announce that Sci-Fi Saturday Night has curated a collection for!

StoryBundle’s proud to present the Sci-Fi Saturday Night Bundle, a collection of 7 titles curated exclusively by Sci-Fi Saturday Night. The popular podcast’s hosts each chose their favorite authors and we’re proud to feature the collection together for the first time anywhere… The Bundle is available for a very limited time only, via, and allows easy reading on computers, mobile devices and Kindles via file transfer, email, or other methods, with multiple DRM-free formats (.epub, .mobi, some .pdf) available for each book.

You only have a couple of weeks to grab this deal for… PAY WHAT YOU WANT. That’s right! Pay a minimum of 3 dollars and you’ll get 4 incredible selections. But for $10 you double the offer, and get 8 awesome reads.

Here’s what we had to say about the titles we chose:

  • Bad Apple by Kristi Petersen Schoonover “Bad Apple is one of the most gripping and disturbing books I’ve ever read. Kristi Petersen Schoonover has managed a feat that eludes most horror writers; she has seamlessly blended horrific reality with horrific fantasy. The result is by turns starkly beautiful, deeply touching, and check-the-closet creepy.” – Zombrarian
  • Angry Ghosts by F. Allen Farnum “The Art of the Space Opera had always held a fascination for me. When I first met Allen and started reading his work, I was caught up in the fact that he has found his niche in a sub-genre that had been passed over for years. It has finally found a new voice in this very enjoyable read.” – The Dome
  • Illweed by Jay Mooers “Illweed is a sweet fairy tale featuring an engaging world. Brief, yet filled with epic adventure, it’s a story sure to warm your heart.” – Kriana
  • Demonic Visions & Death Dreams Deluxe by Chris Robertson “Some of these stories are creepy enough to literally make your skin crawl! Keep your phone next to you with your safety person favorited, because you’ll need someone to bring some light back into the room where you’re reading this. Bound to zero in on at least one of your phobias and twist the knife a little harder…” – The Dead Redhead
  • The Charters Duology by Matthew Wayne Selznick “In a world where science has altered some children by genetically enhancing their physique, they must navigate the turbid political waters of the adult world as well as the world of their unaltered peers. This is a chilling series of interwoven cautionary tales told with style and unique, compelling characters.” – The Dome
  • Hollow World by Michael J. Sullivan “Michael J. Sullivan is one of the shining examples of an author with a new business model ‘doing it right’. I found out last April via GoodReads that he was kickstarting a new novel, and after he had raised over 10 times his goal, I was treated to Hollow World. The story typifies my eclectic taste as Michael describes, ‘… mixing elements of science fiction, fantasy, adventure, mystery and thrillers. – Kriana

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