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Talkcast 127: Laura Ortiz

The Poll:  Who is the most incompetent sci-fi villain? DC lingerie Hunger Games has a record opening 1984 is remade again. Batman LIVE gets US tour dates Mars Attacks: The Musical??? Game Of Thrones: Season 2 Mythbusters’ Grant Imahara Playing Sulu in a New Star Trek Fan Film! [io9] Total Recall Trailer Gandalf Steps in to […]

Talkcast 126: Tracy Hickman

Poll:  Who are the best minions? Michael Bay swears he will not ruin Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Doctor Who’s new companion Java, you want your fucking zombies? [SPOILERS for Walking Dead] Tonight’s guest is author Tracy Hickman, a long-time friend of the show. He tells us about his upcoming novel Wayne of Gotham, which will be […]

The Soul Collector by Tracy L. Carbone

When a young adult “horror” book crossed my path, I was concerned. As I finished it I was surprised, and most pleasantly so. This isn’t a horror book in any sense of the word. The Soul Collector is a book about an young girl, American Stonehenge, alien presence and (just for good measure) divorce. At […]

Talkcast 125: Tom Sniegoski

The poll:  who’s your favorite Buffy villain? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Intro Remade With Toys The Legend of Korra Doctor Horrible 2 is ready to film! AMC Theaters to host a Marvel movie marathon Spider Robinson’s Petition to preserve the CBC’s musical archive Graceful Woman Warrior Encyclopedia Britannica done with books Steve Carell involved in Magic […]

Talkcast 124: Footloose and Guest-Free

Poll:  Which sci-fi character best represents their city? Bender elected to DC School Board Two Hunger Games clips Disney does NOT want you to see this NSFW John Carter comic People literally going crazy over squirrel meat Fox kills Terra Nova American Horror Story re-casts actors as new characters James Cameron going underwater to film Deepsea […]

TalkCast 123: John Palisano

NBC threatens to sue Inspector Spacetime Web Series Bill Murray will NOT be in Ghostbusters 3 Leonard Nimoy on The Big Bang Theory Brad Pitt’s Gargantua love at the Oscars Nathan Fillion guest stars on web series The Daly Show Neil deGrasse Tyson to Jon Stewart: “Your Earth is spinning the wrong way” Cowboy Ninja Viking PayPal censoring […]

“Hall of Mirrors” by Fredrick Brown

Fredrick Brown was a master of short fiction. His quick wit and acerbic sense of timing made many of his stories timeless. It has been said that Philip K. Dick was a devotee of his writing and you can see many similar models in Dick’s work. His stories were the basis for many episodes of […]

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