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R.I.P. Trivia

That’s right folks, we’ve decided to discontinue the traditional trivia section in our podcasts. Not to worry though, we will still be giving away fabulous prizes, albeit in a slightly different format. During each show, we will announce a topic. When the show is posted as a podcast, you will have one week to add […]

RIP Al Williamson

Al Williamson passed away earlier this week, and we are all poorer for it.  To mention his name is to evoke images of lush landscapes, chiseled heroes, needlenosed rockets and snarling dinosaurs.  His Weird Science and Weird Fantasy comics for EC were as significant to the genre as Alex Raymond’s Flash Gordon (a series he […]

Talkcast 38 – Silver Circle Films

In this installment, we schmooze over the impending renewal of Torchwood, the announcement of Neuromancer , the movie, talk about Doctor Who, the Adventure Game and Walking Dead, the series announced on AMC. X begins a serious science discussion over the  changing landscape of Jupiter, which ends in a sing along of old Badfinger songs. […]

Trivia for 6.12.10

Answer the following question in the comments to win Gambit by Sara Richard Name the movie this phrase comes from: “Shall we play a game”

Hey Look – Is that The Dome in Space?

Indeed it could be. A new NASA promotion will allow you or me or anyone to put their name or likeness in space on one of the remaining 2 shuttle missions. By going here, it gives you all the directions to have a likeness of you and your puppy, Waldo,or whatever on a selected mission. When […]

Talkcast 37 – 664 an innocent number, or is it?

Our show tonight begins with a look back as we say farewell to Jeanne Robinson. Joining us is George O’Connor, Producer/Director of the hilarious web series 664 – Neighbor of the Beast. In the first segment we talk about the ending of a shining star in our universe,  Jeanne Robinson and what having known Her […]

Torchwood Revisited

Its been almost a year since I was angry at Russell T. Davies for what he did to Torchwood in Children of Earth. I was resigned to the fact that the very high rated arc was not going to find a new home and I almost laughed when FOX showed any interest in it, eventually […]

TalkCast 36 – Fritz Leiber Retospective with Guest Harlan Ellison

Tonight , our third Authors retrospective, the life and work of Fritz Leiber. During his nearly 60 year career he won nearly every peer award possible, and was dubbed the writers writer. To talk with us about him tonight is a man who if I said needed no introduction, the mere mention of his name […]

Trivia for 6.05.2010

Answer the following question in the comments to win Seasons 1 and 2 of 664, The Neighbor of the Beast: What was the name of Lucifer’s nightclub in the Sandman and Lucifer Vertigo comics?

Farewell Jeanne

In all the time I have written here, this is perhaps the most difficult post I have ever done. This afternoon Jeanne Robinson, gifted author, dancer and wife of Spider Robinson died. We here at SFSN had a chance to speak with Spider and Jeanne last month and were deeply affected by the love and […]

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