Torchwood Revisited

Its been almost a year since I was angry at Russell T. Davies for what he did to Torchwood in Children of Earth. I was resigned to the fact that the very high rated arc was not going to find a new home and I almost laughed when FOX showed any interest in it, eventually letting it drop.

Well, Jack Harkness fans and Gwen detractors unite. It seems as though STARZ is willing to give Torchwood a home and because it is a premium pay network, all the taboo’s are gone. This does not bode well. Torchwood always skated a very fine line and it was that thin line that made it so good, even at its worst. With a lack of compass as to what one is able to do, I worry the character of Jack will be lost in what can only be called his amorality. The new series is set to debut  simultaneously on BBC One and STARZ next summer, so all we can do is wait… and hope.

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