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Talkcast 35 – How Many Browncoats Does It Take To Fill A Hellmouth?

In tonight’s show we have special guests Michael Dougherty and Andrew Marnik from Browncoats Redemption. Also joining us for the hour is Chris Proulx From Granite State ComiCon. An hour of inspired lunacy prior to the Sunday showing of new footage in Manchester, NH. Enjoy, we all did!

Trivia for 5.29.10

Answer the following question in the comments to win Peter Vinton Jr’s “No Biggie it’s only your SOUL” What’s the name of the cat in Space-Time For Springers?

Trivia for 5.22.10

Answer the following question in the comments to win a Browncoats Redemption™ Movie Poster and a copy of Still Flying. Who is rumored to having been offered the part of Ant Man in the new Avengers Movie?

Taklcast 34 – What Happened to Sarah

In this edition we talk about phase one of our Charity Auction with Jan Schroeder. In depressing TV news, V gets a second season, FlashForward gets the ax and Heroes dies an unheroic death. Possible new shows for the Fall Season NBC – The Cape, Undercovers, The Event ABC – No Ordinary Family FAUX – […]

Is Tim Burton due?

Love him or not, Tim Burton has had an interesting run as a director. From one of my faves, Edward Scissorhands, to one of the worst, Corpse Bride, Burton rarely leaves one ambivalent. Now reports out have said that upcoming from TB will be Mai, The Psychic Girl, a project that has been in development […]

Trivia for 5.15.10

Answer the following question in the comments to win Kabuki Dreams by David Mack. Who is directing Glee this week?

Artists! Get your name out there!

Author and friend of the show Andrew S. Leiter has a special announcement for all our artistic listeners who are looking for a new project or a chance to break into the industry: Artists!  Get your name out there! One of the hardest parts of being a creator is getting your name out into the […]

It’s Brave, it’s Bold; it’s damn good writing

One thing about comic book fans — we don’t just read our books, we re-read ’em like crazy.  This is one of the reasons why so many of us forget our CPR training when it counts the most, but can still quote you the effects of each version of kryptonite (green k kills Superman, red […]

Talkcast 33 – The Robert Heinlein Special with guest Spider Robinson

Much as I would love to describe what this was like, I cannot so please listen. It’s indescribably delicious. Featuring, Spider Robinson, Jeanne Robinson, Peter Vinton and Jan Schroeder , we all talk about the man, the myth, the legacy that is Robert Anson Heinlein through the wonderful eyes of one of his friends. From […]

TalkCast 32 – The Last Man Anthology & Skeptics

Our guests  for tonight’s ‘Cast Hunter Liguore, editor of The Last Man Standing Anthology. We had an absolutely charming discussion with her about her work, the anthology and what was coming up in the process. Travis Roy joined us from Granite State Skeptics to talk about his upcoming panel at Granite State Comicon on May […]

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