Artists! Get your name out there!

Author and friend of the show Andrew S. Leiter has a special announcement for all our artistic listeners who are looking for a new project or a chance to break into the industry:

Artists!  Get your name out there!

One of the hardest parts of being a creator is getting your name out into the field so that you can pick up some work or sell your merchandise.  As a writer, I know the importance of branding your name.

One of my goals is to spread the word about my book series, The Chameleon Chronicles, which is a science fiction/fantasy series for teens and adults.  The premise of the story is a cross between Heroes and Saved by the Bell, wherein our hero, Andrew Webbur, discovers he has the magical ability to change the texture of his skin.  A mysterious stalker, who seems to know Andrew’s secret, begins leaving threatening notes.  Andrew and his friends discover that there is a magical time emerald that they must race to find before it falls into the hands of a powerful, evil dictator who wants to rule the Earth.

To spread the word about The Chameleon Chronicles, I am creating a free online illustrated eBook.  Chapters one thru six are already posted on the official website, I am looking for artists to complete chapters seven thru twenty-four.

Artists interested in helping out with this project will be assigned a page to pencil, ink, and color.  It doesn’t matter if you work with other people as a team just as long as the finished product is in color.  Artwork must be width 7in x height10in and 300dpi and set to RGB.  Only one page will be assigned per individual or team at a time.  Each artist or team will of course be given credit in the credits page, as well as their own bio page at the end of the chapter with links to their website.

To submit your digital portfolio or website for consideration please contact


Andrew S. Leiter

Author of The Chameleon Chronicles

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