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TalkCast 18 for 1/30/10

A full house as we welcome Jess Hartley! The conclusion of Dollhouse – EPICworthy, with the possible exception of the fact that it was kinda necessary to have seen ep. 13 from season 1. but a cosmic wonderful conclusion. Our Guest Tonight: Jess Hartley White Wolf Games ICC 2009 was where White Wolf announced their […]

Trivia for 1.30.2010

Answer this question in the comments: What famous Pittsburgh PA horror host appeared in Night of the Living Dead? Hint: his daughter was the star of Day of the Dead. To win Luke and Yoda by Art O’Callaghan.

Talkcast 17

We welcome our newest member of the team, Zombie Girl – The Dead Redhead TV News Last Friday’s Caprica has some new scenes, is very dark and sexual. Dollhouse ending and Smallville JSA episode delayed by one week due to a Haiti Earthquake Telethon Rod Roddenberry resurects The Questor Tapes Possibility that Torchwood will become […]

Can Spielberg Bring Back Pinky and the Brain, too?

So, let’s take a quick glimpse into the past, shall we? Indiana Jones 1 through 4, The Lovely Bones, Transformers 1 through 3, Catch Me if You Can, Band of Brothers, Hook, AI, Empire of the Sun, The Mask of Zorro, Deep Impact, MIB, Harry and the Hendersons, what an inconsistent list! Seriously, SS is […]

If you haven’t already…

Check out our Zazzle store! I just gave it a new look with the Earthrise theme – and there are some really cool products! These include, but are not limited to: The “Under the Dome” T-shirt, Kriana magnets, SFSN logo Tees, Brain buttons, Brain postage and much much more! As an added bonus every time […]

Comming Attractions!

1/30/10     Jess Hartley – White Wolf Games 2/6/10       Philip K Dick Special featuring David Mack 2/13/10     Scott Wegener – Atomic Robo 2/20/10     Bill MacKenty Join us live at 8:00pm or catch the Podpeat on our website or on iTunes.

The Ghost of The Great Bird of The Universe

In 1974, we lived in a much simpler time. The fact that I can remember it scares the hell out of me, and yet there is a certain fondness for the innocence of Sci-Fi movies and television of that era. It was a time of great expectations, good and bad with no grey areas, at […]

TalkCast 16

Spider-Man 4: Sam Raimi & crew are off Spider-Man: the Julie Taymor/U2 musical Michael Bay: “Transformers 3 will be about character” Green Lantern Casting TV Merlin S2 Dollhouse –2 Weeks left Chi McBride on Human Target: series doomed Mike Hinman joins us for a spirited round of Truth Or BS. Zombrarian Books Cthulu Tales Pushing […]

The Blogs are Alive, With the Sounds of TORCHWOOD

An Open Letter to Russell T Davies: Perhaps one of the ugliest rumors currently floating on the net is that you are bringing Torchwood to America, in fact to Fox TV. Such reputable sites as the Hollywood Reporter have more than just speculative articles about an American production. As a responsible blogger and dedicated fanboy, […]

Trivia for 1.16.10

To win an amazing picture of Gambit by Sarah Richard, answer this question in the comments: Besides Stan Lee, who has a cameo apperance in every Spider-Man movie?

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