The Blogs are Alive, With the Sounds of TORCHWOOD

An Open Letter to Russell T Davies:

Perhaps one of the ugliest rumors currently floating on the net is that you are bringing Torchwood to America, in fact to Fox TV. Such reputable sites as the Hollywood Reporter have more than just speculative articles about an American production. As a responsible blogger and dedicated fanboy, I have a few issues with this.

  1. Reboot the series? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?
  2. Reboot the series in the USA? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?
  4. BBC Worldwide in an unholy alliance with FOX? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?
  5. Sanitizing Capt. Jack? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Here are some points to ponder. Why reboot the series in America? Of what possible plot point does that play? If you do, where will it be set? I have some suggestions:

New Orleans – Cardiff without the floods

New Rochelle – Cardiff without the bedroom community

Newark – Cardiff without the Superfund.

Why in god’s name does Fox have to get involved with the assassination of yet another Sci-Fi show? When did FOX believe in anything? I, for one, refuse to believe in Fox anymore, this insanity has to stop.

This is Dome sayin’:……..please, no more.

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