Monthly Archives: December 2008

The Doctor Who 2008 Christmas Special

You know, Kids, It’s that time of year when we get presents we really don’t want, pretend to be happy around people we don’t really like, eating far too much food that’s not good for us and drinking things better left in their pretty little bottles. The good folks at the BBC have sent us […]

Another day, another rant

I was going to write this post about the disappointing ending of Bendis’ five year plan, aka the “Secret Invasion”, but what’s the point?  You’ve all read it by now and bitched about it in comic stores and blogs, to friends and family, and it still comes down to the fact that we got shafted.  […]

Merry Happy, You’ve Been Cancelled

It’s the most wonderful l time of the year, and networks are killing off shows left and right in what is called the “Get Thee To Unemployment” time of the year.  Let’s take a quick look at what the networks think are expendable for this season.

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