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The Colleen Doran incident

I spent last weekend getting folded, spindled and mutilated along with 64,000 others at the 2008 New York Comic Con.  Had a great time!  Handed out over a thousand flyers for Skullduggery (see; ran into several college classmates and even got to play autograph-whore with the likes of Neal Adams, Tom Yeates, Joe Staton […]

New York Comic Con

The reason I haven’t written in a while is because I’ve been spending my time getting ready to blitz the upcoming New York Comic Con with promos for my animated project SKULLDUGGERY.  I’ve put a lot of time and effort into this cartoon series (which you can check out at, and hope to show […]

Here Is What Happens When You Are Deeply Emotionally Invested In a Show

So, last night was my LAST NIGHT of appointment TV for Thursdays as the season end of Eli Stone. The shortened season had been building to this operation to remove his congenital aneurism, with a parallel story line of a man’s right to die, with all the uncomfortable subtext overlapping. In what should have been […]

On the Death of A Scream Queen

It’s hard to remember just what life was like in the 60’s. I can remember walking home in the dark after seeing a midnight showing of Night of the Living Dead and being scared out of my wits at every noise and shadow , along with my mates who were playing Macho games, being just […]

BattleStar Galactica, Eli Stone and The Theory of Diamonds

The Theory Of Diamonds suggests that carbon, under enough pressure, given enough time, will produce a gem of significant worth and beauty. This is a theory in large part because no one has ever seen a diamond grow…………….until now.

Television Rants and The Well Read Sci-Fi Geek!

I hate the ending of Torchwood..With a burning passion. I really wanna take the writers and hurt them. DAMN YOU DAMN YOU DAMN YOU ALL It wasn’t fair, it was totally unexpected and it pissed ME OFF. With all the talk of changes in the show for next season, god knows this was not the […]

The Power of Whimsy

At 5 am this morning I was sipping my morning coffee and hit the dvr to watch lasts nights installment of Eli Stone. For the next 42 minutes I sat there transfixed, watching what I fear will be the most serious casualty of this season. People screamed for the Firefly movie, when Fox unceremoniously dumped […]

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