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Jericho, Dead, Sarah Conner, Alive and Kicking

I am noticing the number of posts about death lately; Arthur C. Clarke, F, Marry, Kill and Star Trek Caskets. And yet, here I am again reveling in MY predicted demise of Jericho. Well, not so much reveling as the sage nod of the bald head with a softly spoken “It was pre-ordained”. I mean, lets […]

Arthur C. Clarke is dead, alas. Let’s all get together and kick some ass

The title is stolen from the sub title of a novel about Philip K. Dick, but I thought it fitting when I saw the news. In retrospect, I am kinda sick about yesterdays post. At 90 years of age, Mr. Clarke was a visionary from the Golden Age of Science Fiction. Retaining a childlike sense […]

“And when I die, and when I’m gone……..”

 Ok this is not about a new show not being renewed, or an old show resurrection. This is the story of what we do when we are released from our mortal coil…..or whatever that means. I know people , who shall remain nameless, who, for whatever reason, are taking their fandom with them when they […]

F, Marry, Kill: Eli Stone, Jericho or Knight Rider.

OK, so by the title, you can tell I listen to Howard Stern, probably a lot more than I should, but this is a semantic game in which given 3 options and 3 people/places/things, one is forced not to equivocate but simply list which action you would perform on whom. For this little experiment I […]

Why Women hate Sarah Conner – The State of Women in Science Fiction Today

 So, the other night I am watching the exciting 2 hour finale of the shortened season of Sarah Conner Chronicles (I am deeply disappointed by their idea of climax), when my wife turns to me and sez….”you know, I don’t much care for this show. It’s too noisy.” OK, she was tired and when I […]

Comic Convention season begins!

So, it’s March. And with the sun shining and the snow melting, one’s thoughts turn inevitably towards… convention season. Yes, we’re coming up on that time where at some point, you will be within driving distance of an immense gathering of comics, toys, industry professionals, and the occasional Stormtrooper unit. It’s one of the great […]

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