F, Marry, Kill: Eli Stone, Jericho or Knight Rider.

OK, so by the title, you can tell I listen to Howard Stern, probably a lot more than I should, but this is a semantic game in which given 3 options and 3 people/places/things, one is forced not to equivocate but simply list which action you would perform on whom. For this little experiment I have chosen 3 series that are in the bubble for next season, (barring a SAG strike, in which case all bets are off), and 3 options:

MarryI Love You and want you with me forever

FI am infatuated with you and you are a pleasant diversion for the moment

Kill – (no explanation needed. Don’t go away mad, just go away) So now the choices. I invite you to email me and let me know how much you HATE my picks.

Marry – Eli Stone:

Much Like Pushing Daisies, this has an air of whimsy inherent in it, something sorely lacking in today’s life, and I for one, appreciate it. I am tired of getting beat up and depressed continually being subjected to the latest dystopia, so when it comes to something as Bradburyesque as this, I, for one, am in total favor of holding it close and keeping it forever. I am one who appreciates the sly smile as well as the Ion Pulse Cannon of Science Fiction.

F- Jericho

As the Beastie Boys so eloquently wrote, “…you gotta fight for your right to parrrrrrrrrrrrtyyyyyyyyyyyy……”, and they were right. While the good fight was fought for the summation of this series, for god’s sake, let it go. He’s dead, Jim. I’m a doctor, not a key grip. Here’s the deal, at the end of the 7 episode conclusion, we all look at each other and smile, knowing that we did a good thing by forcing them to give us a conclusion, unlike The 4400, you rotten bastards.

KILL – Knight Rider

If you need an explanation for this, go buy the DVD of the New Bionic Woman………

This is Dome,             good round.                 Sit, Ubu, sit

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