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Fiction Friday – “Private Beach” by Stacey Longo

Stacey Longo writes horror fiction of a particularly diabolical nature. Her themes prey upon the most primal of fears and her craft is clean and precise, stark, sharp edged terror. She grew up on a dairy farm in Glastonbury, CT  and lived on Block Island, RI for ten years, which is where she began her […]

Fiction Friday – Bob Bois

Bob Bois is a horror writer living in the mysterious hills of Central Massachusetts. Many of the flash fiction pieces he posts on his blog, Sitting in Darkness, have grown into larger, more detailed stories that are being sent out for publication. Born and raised in Salem, MA, Bob is currently at work on a collection of short […]

Fiction Friday – Aftershocks by Craig D.B.Patton

Craig D.B. Patton is a member of New England Horror Writers and a graduate/survivor of the Borderlands Press Boot Camp. He has lived most of his life in New England, the exception being 11 wonderful years in Chicago.  It was while there that he figured out he was a writer.  He has written mostly short stories, […]

Fiction Friday – Ben Bova

One might guess that someone who can write fascinating stories would automatically make a great guest. In to many instances this has proven not to be the case, but NOT with Ben Bova. Mr. Bova has been a frequent guest on our show, dating back to our old radio broadcast days. From the moment he […]

Fiction Friday – Kristi Peterson Schoonover

I became acquainted with Kristi through the New England Horror Writers Association. We met at a conference, and quite frankly, there may not be a more interesting group to speak with. So many interesting individual writers with different takes gathered together under their umbrella–but that is another story for another day. Kristi wasn’t at that […]

Fiction Friday: Michael J Sullivan

This week we have a very special tie-in Fiction Friday. We recorded the podcast on Thursday, during which we had the pleasure of interviewing Michael J. Sullivan about his series, The Riyria Revelations. He has kindly offered us a short story that is a prequel to his series as a Fiction Friday special feature. From […]

Fiction Friday Monday: “Devil’s Asteroid” by Manley Wade Wellman

    First of all, what a great name, Manley Wade Wellman. Born in 1903, and best known for his Fantasy and Horror classic stories, he also worked on the comic The Spirit while Eisner was in the military during WWII. He won both the World Fantasy Award and the Poe Award. Aside from his […]

Fiction Friday – Robert Sheckley, Tell me something funny.

Robert Sheckley was one of the few science fiction writers to have a true sense of humor that translated into his work. A multiple Hugo and Nebula nominee, he was best known for his absurdist outlook and his stories were uniformly wry with a futuristic bent. His fan peers included Douglas Adams, Neil Gaiman, and […]

Fiction Friday: Edgar Allan Poe

This week for Fiction Friday I’d like to highlight the author Edgar Allan Poe. I know that this series is generally reserved for lesser known authors (and if you have a story you’d like to submit please send it on), but good old EAP deserves a bit of a mention this close to Halloween. October […]

Fiction Friday – The Space Opera

    James Schmitz was best known for writing the “Space Opera”. This genre was known for its strong female roles. His life was one of service to his country and prolific writing, his two passions. Well over 100 novels and short stories were penned between 1940 and 1981 and his writing remained in print late […]

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