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Chris at Double Midnight during Free Comic Book Day 2012

Chris and The Dome discuss Free Comic Book Day Mania with a very suspect Spiderman listening in. Keep your eyes peeled for a Deadpool cameo! One never knows what you will see at Double Midnight Comics, Manchester, N.H.

Kiss Meets Sci Fi Saturday Night-Boston Comic Con 2012

  In an interview gone horribly wrong, two members of Kiss Forever are “interviewed” by The Dome. No animals were harmed during the course of this interview.

Free Comic Book Day 2012-Cosplayers At Double Midnight

Interviews with cosplayers at Double Midnight Comics, Manchester, N.H.

Free Comic Book Day 2012-Don Higgins

  Don talks about the return if his webcomic Dark Magic and Doughnuts and his art at Harrison’s Comics in Manchester, N.H.

Free Comic Book Day 2012-It’s Jason Casey!

An interview with artist Jason Casey at Harrison’s Comics and Pop Culture in Manchester, N.H. It contains a surprising homage to professional wrestling.

Free Comic Book Day – A Comic Podcast Covergence

In a  strange alignment of the universe, we meet the Eat Sleep Comics Podcast at Double Midnight Comics in Manchester, N.H. during their Free Comic Book Day 2012 day-long event. Can two podcasts interview each other simultaneously? Let’s find out…

Brett from Double Midnight Comics: Free Comic Book Day 2012

Ten Years of Comics in New Hampshire.

Sky Pirates Special Announcement

Summit City Comic Con Preview Event

The cultural context of comic books is never more relevant than when a crossover happens. When the stories that fill the glossy pages of our childhood move from print to film, or to the screens in our homes. Unlike the young upstart format of video games, there is no debate that comics are art. The […]

Another Rockin’ Rock and Shock

  October always brings a shiver of anticipation to my graveyard flesh. Not only is it the season of Halloween (and my wedding anniversary!) but every autumn Illustrator X and I always make a point to visit the annual Rock-n-Shock convention in Worcester, MA. For those who have never experienced the Rock-n-Shock, it’s the premiere […]

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