TalkCast 460 – Busking As Seen Through a Prism

6b4ef9af-cbe7-4a1c-96d7-038da9b3d1a1If you’re old enough to remember Simon and Garfunkle AND you remember their early work AND you remember it fondly, you might remember one of their very early classics Old Friends/Bookends and if you mull over the lyrics of that wonderful classic song it was very much like this show. In this episode we get to spend time with an old friend in every sense of the word and it felt like a moment frozen in amber to speak once again with creator/writer/musician George O’Connor about his latest jewel in the sky,  Charlie’s Spot with art by Meredith Laxton, colors by Allie Pipitone, and letters by Taylor Esposito

We wanted to speak with George about this project for a multitude of reasons, not the least of which were:

  • This is unlike anything he has ever done before
  • This is a Kickstarter which needs everyone’s support at a time when creators have very few outlets
  • He actually has a PRE KICKSTARTER announcement page.

If you know George as we all do and have missed him, you are going to enjoy the next hour. If this is your first “George” experience, sit back and take the time to allow yourself the pleasure of listening to a man who truly enjoys the art of creation and the art of sharing it.

People like George are why we do this.


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Charlie's Spot

Charlie’s Spot

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