Talkcast 442 – It’s All About The Reptiles

D. M. Kirtaime

D. M. Kirtaime

The fun thing about this podcast is that we never know where we are going to be introduced to our next guest.  This includes social media platforms we would not associate with science fiction or fantasy.  I am looking at you LinkedIn.  But that is where we met Dominik M Kirtaime and learned about his first book, The Perennial Migration.

The Perennial Migration is an interesting merging of fantasy and science fiction that might remind readers of the TV Series V, and Logan’s Run.  In this, we meet the New Breed that lives in the vast dome cities of the future, chipping their populace and tracking everything they do and the Old Breed who survive in the forests outside of the domes living off the refuse of the New Breed.  And the reptilians, tired of living beneath both of them and looking for their chance to rise and take over.

If you think this sounds like a boiling pot of conspiracy, oppression and mystery, you are right.  Dominik brings you into a world that keeps giving you twists and turns and plays with your expectations right to the very end.

Our interview with Dominik covered many points of his creative process including the natural evolution of one of the pivotal races, the forest folk.  We even found out that there is more to come in this series. We fought hard not to give too much away and had a great time as usual.  Unfortunately no jokes where made about Dome playing a pivotal role in he story…maybe next time.



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The Perennial Migration

The Perennial Migration

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