TalkCast 419 – Hey Everybody , It’s a Clip Show!!


Welcomed to TalkCast 410. This episode is a “clip show“. What, you may ask, is a “clip show“? Well, to put it in non-podcasters terms, a “clip show” is a show with a bunch of clips, in this case audio, that we haven’t used before (seems kind of obvious now the I explained it, huh?). Just how did this “clip show” come about, you ask (my, you do ask a lot of questions, don’t you?)? This came about because of two things.

Barbara Friedlander

Barbara Friedlander

First, at Plastic City Comic Con we had a perfectly lovely interview with one of their special guests Barbara Friedlander, A DC Comic legend from the Silver Age. When the interview finished and we realized we didn’t have a guest for ‘cast 419, our convention crew, Cam and Trav, said hey, why don’t we use an audio clip of this interview. After much consideration (less than 30 seconds) I said, well yeah, it was really fun so lets do that but we don’t usually do a short ‘cast.


Which brings us to the second happenstance, Colby Elliot and his new audio book ‘The

Mad Scientist’s Cabinet of Curated Chimera’.  We had scheduled Colby to be on ‘cast 420 (no pun intended) and he had said “feel free to use portions of the book to kind of showcase what it’s all about, in fact maybe even at some point use some of the audio book I did for Sci Fi Saturday Night, ‘My Peculiar Family’ if you want to.”

So, I did!


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The Mad Scientist's Cabinet of Curated Chimera

The Mad Scientist’s Cabinet of Curated Chimera

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