TalkCast 415 – The Magnum Opus of Artemis Crow

Artemis Crow

Artemis Crow

In this episode we get to talk with writer Artemis Crow about the beginning or her grand adventure omnibus of novels ‘The Zodiac Assassins’. This series of books will encompass 12 novels and 12 novellas in a sweeping arc of the universe that has a world much like the one we all know called The OverWorld and a place of magic, mystery, mayhem and violence called InBetween. The series explains how one world became two and brings the reader back and forth between interactions between these worlds.

Artemis is our guide (especially mine) in gaining the understanding as we talked about her first book in the series, ‘Lyon’s Roar’ and the significance between the roles of the novels and novellas in this ambitious series. Maintaining characters in both human and “paranorm” form, this is a complex and compelling universe build with a depth and edge rare in a series that somewhat defies a genre or tag. It becomes a thrill ride with jarring and unexpected twists, which become more complex, compelling and baffling the deeper you become immersed in the overall story,

Enjoy the chaos:


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Lyon's Roar

Lyon’s Roar

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