TalkCast 401 – The Totally Odd World of Noah Whippie

Noah Whippie

Noah Whippie

One of the best parts of conventioning is getting to see and meet new and emerging talents, Not just artists and writers but also artisans. Every one in a blue moon you meet all three in one. At the first Keene Comic Con I had the chance to meet Noah Whippie and we talked for a bit about his art, his knives, his cards and stuff. We wanted to get him on last year but for one reason or another it didn’t happen. Then, this year at Keene II, we met up again and I said enough is enough. In this episode we get to talk about his artwork, his artisan work in metal and his writing.

Noah is an interesting individual who describes himself alternately as a freelance graphic artist and illustrator, professional comic book artist, knife maker, Skateboard painter, ex Tattoo artist and body piercer and professional cake decorator. His official biography also states I’m nicer than I look and I love Mexican food.

Noah talks about coming out of the woods for his first con, last year at Keene, and why he feels the way he does about all of his creations, something he refers to as Artistic ADD. When you click on the links you get the chance to see how really wide ranging his amazing creations are and why I have tried in vain for two years to buy a knife from him. After the interview ended Noah mentioned that he had wanted to mention his ongoing Web comic that he was very proud of, Butcher Supreme and The Mighty Meat Machine.  Consider it mentioned and linked.

Join us for a refreshing time and, as usual, enjoy the chaos.


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The Coffin Cleaver by Noah Whippie

The Coffin Cleaver by Noah Whippie

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