TalkCast 399 – Meet Charleigh Brennan

Charleigh Brennan

Charleigh Brennan

It’s kind of rare to be introduced to an up and coming author of whom cool and great things can be expected. In this edition, the listeners get such a chance. A month or so back, at Vermont Comic Con, we had a chance meeting with a new young writer at her table, selling an anthology that she was a part of. Though the cover illustration was deceiving by comparison to the story she was telling us about, Charleigh Brennan  was upbeat, engaging and energetic. She wanted to talk about how she got involved in this project and very early on we decided that it would be a great idea to do it.

Rogues and Wild Fire is a compilation of 8 stories from writers involved in the Creative Central Writers Group and published by the affiliated Balance of Seven Literary Alliance and Publishing House. As confused as I was, Charleigh laid out for us how each was inter-connected to the other.

Interestingly, Charleighs eclectic background served as the springboard for the basis and context of her story, Captured, as she gave us an fascinating glimpse into her formative years and how she ended up with mice in her attic in Vermont.

Enjoy the chaos.


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Rogues and Wild Fire

Rogues and Wild Fire

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