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My Peculiar Family 2

My Peculiar Family 2

What if you could steal someone’s imagination? #Read @Vladvaslyn’s creepy gothic tale ONLY in the exciting #new #short #story collection, MY PECULIAR FAMILY II.

@Vlad Vaslyn recalls his peculiar experience writing “The Final Tale!”

Creativity is a blessing and a curse peculiar to humankind. Is there any other creature that displays such ability to wield the lightning of imagination? When an artist—painter, writer, sculptor, and so on—is blessed with the throes of creativity, it’s often a blissful and exhilarating experience. It can feel almost holy, and for most, the sacrifice of time, energy and emotion is well worth ceding a bit of one’s soul.

But there’s a dark side to creativity, too, as all adepts know. Consider the episodes of gloom and

crisis that can all too easily overwhelm, those moments when an artist feels that no matter his skill, his work is mediocre, and is therefore doomed. What happens when an artist just isn’t good

Vlad Vaslyn

Vlad Vaslyn

enough, when he fails, despite how badly he yearns, despite how he puts his craft above all else? What happens when the curse peculiar needles its way into his soul, and the ecstasy of creation is overwhelmed by the agony of mediocrity? It can lead to uncomfortable questions, soul-shaking questions, and the blessing of creativity can all too easily become a curse.

In “The Final Tale,” Andrew Lahr is a lonely young man yearning to become a writer of renown, but despite his love of storytelling, he consistently falls short of fulfilling his life-long dream. Destitute and on the verge of suicide, Andrew is at crossroads … until his mysterious uncle—a man known to dabble in strange magic—bequeaths Andrew with a gift that can unlock the power of not just his own imagination, but all imaginations. Andrew begins to grow into the writer he’s always desired to become, but his uncle’s gift exacts a price, and soon Andrew starts to wonder: has he been blessed, or has he been cursed?

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