Meet My Peculiar Families John Valeri

John Valeri

John Valeri

A reclusive novelist has earned herself a cult following … The trouble is, she may not have ever published a damn thing.

#Author @JohnValeri talks about his peculiar story in the upcoming #short #story collection, MY PECULIAR FAMILY II:

“Writing “Publish/Perish” was a “peculiar” experience in that it elicited an overwhelmingly vehement response from the few trusted early readers who got a glimpse at the first half—more so than anything I’d shared previously. I was inundated with enthusiastic congratulations on my too-good-to-be-true book deal, tempered only by sympathetic commiseration over my impending divorce. While there are a few autobiographical elements infused within the story, neither of those occurrences happen to be among them. I’m still an “aspiring novelist,” and I’m still happily married. Guess I should have prefaced my submission with a precursor: This is a work of fiction. Live and learn, huh?”

Learn more and/or support this peculiar publication on Kickstarter.


My Peculiar Family 2

My Peculiar Family 2


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