TalkCast 385 – The Dystopian Worlds of Mike French

Fictional Alignment

Fictional Alignment

On this episode, we are joined by multi faceted human Mike French who comes by to talk with us about book two in his series dealing with the coming devaluation of humans ‘Fictional Alignment’. While this is the second book in the series, it does function quite well as a stand-alone (I know this only because I read book 1 well afterwards). We got a rare glimpse into the very “interesting mind of Mike and got the opportunity to talk on a multitude of subjects including:

  • His other works
  • His beginnings
  • His musses, both dark and otherwise
  • How he finds the time to write
  • What he both wrote and illustrated this current book
  • Why this series is a hybrid graphic novel
  • Why banking didn’t suit him.
  • What’s his favourite colour. (He’s British)(Actually never asked him that)(Probably should have)

Join in the lively conversation, or maybe just listen.

Enjoy the chaos.


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I Chose Not To Die

I Chose Not To Die

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