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Little Giant Comics OLD School COMIC SHOW


It is yet another two-guest show for us.  Our first guest is Jason Brodnick. Jason is the force behind the Little Giant Comics OLD SCHOOL COMIC SHOW being held on April 28th.  in Concord New Hampshire. Jason talked with us about the reasons behind an large, one day event in a central location wit a family friendly entrance fee, plenty of parking and it the tradition of a “comic” conventions, mostly comics. This convention is a hybrid of the larger events and micro-cons combining what Jason feels is the best of both worlds.




The Atomic Frenchie

The Atomic Frenchie

Our second guest is the ever-popular New York Times Best Selling Author Thomas E. Sniegoski, a great friend of the show. Tom drops in to talk about his contribution to the upcoming edition of My Peculiar Family II Kickstarter. As is usual when Tom joins us, it is a fun relaxing wide-ranging conversation. Tom also got to talk about his newest book collaboration with Tom McWeenie, The Atomic Frenchie. This is a wonderfully funny kind of graphic novel about a French Bulldog Super Villain (in no way related to his own dog Kirby whatsoever). We talked about how the story came about, how he reached out to Tom McWeenie to collaborate on this and the trials and tribulations of bringing something so different to press. Tom was, as usual, his effervescent self and is was just a joy to have him back. (There may or may not have been leaked as nugget about Toms newest project towards the end of the interview, just sayin’)

To be honest, there may have been news afterwards but Dome had some wonderfully annoying technical difficulties and didn’t hear anything after Toms interview ended.

Isn’t chaos wonderful?


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The Atomic Frenchie

The Atomic Frenchie

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