TalkCast 363 – The Worldbuilding of Mag Na Mell


Mag Na Mell BannerIn this episode we talk about the web-comic Mag Na Mell with its creators Emily Rhain Andrews and Christian Konczal, co-creators of a new Worldbuilding community based on an alternate world filled with Gods and monsters and war. We discuss how it began and why it came to light. We also got insight into what “Worldbuilding” in gaming means for participants in that specific universe. If it sounds complex it is. It is also quite wonderful and it’s in large part based on their web comic. Trust me, its better to let them explain such things as  transmedia storytelling, and how copyright plays into it all.

Ladies and Gent’s, Sci-Fi Looks At The News:

Enjoy the chaos:


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Bonus Content:

Amazing artwork from Emily



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