TalkCast 356 – LL Soares from Blue Clay, Massachusetts & Naomi Moore from New Orbit Magazine in NZ

In this episode, 2 guests and no Java.

ll soaresOur first guest is an old friend of the show, author, cinema reviewer, Bram Stoker Award Winner and raconteur LL Soares, here to talk about his newest book, Buried in Blue Clay. BiBC is an all out creepfest, but if you’re in any way aware of LL’s writings, this is no surprise. What is a surprise, however is that the fictional city of Blue Clay, Massachusetts is a recurring theme throughout most of his writing and this book is , in some ways, his attempt to somehow bring it all together whilst taking about ghost trap rooms, alien beings, washed up writers and the occasional creepy ass bug thrown in for good measure. Good unnerving,  skin crawling reading, perfect for a thunderstorm in a deserted mansion right before a power failure, but listen in, because he describes it better. We also talk about his website Cinema Knife Fight and spend a few moments talking about Vallerian (which I surmised is Psudo-Slavic for, “I wish this movie had a plot” but evidently not).

Orbit logo. png            Our second guest is Naomi Moore, creator and force behind the new publication New Orbit, which is due to premiere in October 2017. What is so different about Orbit is their desire to seek new voices from all walks of life, all countries, ages who have a desire to speak about the future. As such, they are accepting submissions from across the globe. Also, all accepted submissions will be paid content, so no more of this “doing it for the exposure” routine. Work deserves payment. Naomi has a herculean task and is planning well for the first edition. If you want more information, click here. If you want to lean about how to submit, click here. Find other ways to support this effort here.

Enjoy the chaos


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