TalkCast 344 – MediSin

Medisin coverA teacher and a doctor walk into a bar. A set up to a joke, no. In this podcast we talk with Jeff Dyer and Dr. Mark McKeon, co-creators of MediSin an new series from Action Lab. The series also features David Brame (penciling), Joaquin Pereyra (coloring) and Adam Wollet (Lettering)The first story arc is titled “ First, Do No Harm” and the arc and series centers in the question, after such vicious majestic comic book battles, where do the Super Villains go for medical treatment. What are the affects on the medical staff, the villains and society? Jeff and Mark discuss the inception of their collaboration, how this volume came to be and where they hope to have it go and what possessed them to team up. We get a glimpse of some of the behind the scenes work that occurred from the beginning to first publication. Throughout the interview there was always a sense of passion about this project in them both. Ask your local comic shop to get it in!!

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Enjoy the bedlam.


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