Peace, Love, Superpowers.

Just Another SheepThe sixties was a decade of change, in some ways more obvious than others. One of those less obvious changes that you might not be familiar with is the emergence of super powers. Or, at least that is one of the many changes going on in the world Banning James, our young, shy and naive hero of Just Another Sheep, the latest new title from Action Lab Entertainment.

Just Another Sheep begins on July 3rd 1967 with a young man named Banning James is minding his own business on a bus to Boston when he is attacked for having a peace symbol on his backpack. While the timid  Banning is clearly not a fighter of any kind he has another unique way to deal with his attackers. Using his powerful telepathic abilities he is able to make his assailants experience the pain of a broken arm and food poisoning without even lifting a finger. Certainly not the most devastating way to use his power but that’s the point and one of the little details that help make Just Another Sheep something more than just another comic.

Banning is reluctant to use his powers to harm the men harassing him in and despite only using them self defense he is kicked off the bus anyway. This short and effective opening tells us everything we need to know about Banning and his sheepish nature. With his journey towards the answers he seeks about his own abilities delayed Banning quickly falls in with Sadie, a free spirited and pretty hippie girl who is almost the opposite of Banning in every way.  Her group of outgoing protesters  promise to help him to Boston. Only after exposing him to some mild drug use and participating in an anti vietnam protest that escalates. Putting Banning farther and farther out of his element until the protest succumbs with Sadie and the other protesters storming the White House lawn with youthful enthusiasm. Banning, of course, is tagging along, though without the bravado.  As you probably expect things don’t go well for them and the issue ends on an effective cliffhanger.

The 1960’s theme isn’t just apparent in the setting, characters and topics, it is also presented in the art.  Particularly over the pages where Banning smokes we see collection of colors and unique designs that are clearly influenced by the era and the culture.  The rest of the book has a more modern vibe with but JD Faith does an excellent job of putting in little details whenever appropriate. I personally thought the record on the last page of the book, which also serves as a list for the rest of the issues in the series was a really nice touch.  It really shows that the creators Matt Higley and JD Faith have a clear vision for the comic as a whole which is always exciting to see as a reader getting into a new book.

Just Another Sheep has been around for more than a year through a successful Kickstarter campaign that made Action Lab take notice. If you haven’t checked out Just Another Sheep before and are a fan of peace, love and comic books then Just Another Sheep is probably right up your alley.

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