TalkCast 237 – Format? What format?

Tonight we’re changing things up! We’ve got three guests, a Boston Comic Con Update, and no waiting!

At the top of the show we have two authors whose work appears in The Cosmic Sci Fi Bundle over at First up, the lovely Jody Lynn Nye joins us from the road to tell us about Crisis on Doona, which she co-wrote with Anne McCaffrey. Then Peter J. Wacks takes over to tell us about his book Second Paradigm, and reveals that he’s actually in TWO StoryBundles right now! You can also check out his work in the Fantasy Music Bundle, where you can find two of his books already, and a third is available as a bonus!

Toward the middle somewhere Dead RedHead gives us an update on the exciting guests who’ve been recently announced for Boston Comic Con!

And after patiently waiting through the first two amazing segments, Vlad Vaslyn gets the last word in order to tell us about his new book, The Button. The teaser for this book includes skeletons, crystal cubes, NSA agents, and New York City. You know you want to hear from the mind that put those things together!


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