Talkcast 227 – Girls with Slingshots

Danielle Corsetto

Danielle Corsetto

New Special Guest Host: Celine Lux, co-writer of Craigy Who and Mr. Timey Pants, co founder of a really cool Webzine and master glockenspiel player.

Guest 1: Chris Proulx from Double Midnight described the literal 3 ring circus that will be held on Free Comic Book Day. Stop by either store on the day of to get scads of free stuff and meet some amazing artists! Oh yeah, and get some free comics. Don’t miss out on May 3rd! The celebration begins at 10am, get in early for the best giveaways.


Guest 2: Danielle Corsetto creator of the Girls with Slingshots webcomic. She’s also involved in Lady Porn Conquers Earth, Smut Peddler 2. In other news, DO NOT GOOGLE Smut Peddler. Ever.


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