Enter to win Michael J. Sullivan’s new book on Goodreads

The Crown TowerAuthor Michael J. Sullivan is a very talented writer and has been a good friend of SFSN. He has been on our show and we had an incredibly candid conversation about his process and his books. We got an email from him this week and I would like to share some of it with you. His latest book, The Crown Tower, is a prequel to his current series.  From a publisher’s point of view, the inherent problem with any prequel,, is that you already know where the story is going, and their contention is that it simply won’t sell very well. Michael wants to show his publisher that good storytelling in the universe he has created will sell, so he is giving away copies of it to prove to them that there is interest.

Here’s what it’s all about:

Hadrian Blackwater, a warrior with nothing to fight for is paired with Royce Melborn, a thieving assassin with nothing to lose. Together they must steal a treasure that no one can reach. The Crown Tower is the impregnable remains of the grandest fortress ever built and home to the realm’s most prized possessions. But it isn’t gold or jewels that the old wizard is after, and if he can just keep them from killing each other, just might do it.

To be entered into this giveaway, you simply need to sign into Goodreads (if you’re not a member already, do it, what are you waiting for?) and go here. Take 30 seconds to be entered to win a free book, and not just any book. Take a moment to show publishers that good writing will always interest readers.


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  1. Hey Thanks for helping to spread the word about the giveaway. One thing I would like to add…Orbit’s giveaway is for US only (They do a lot of giveawaya and organizing shipping anywhere in the world is a lot of extra work)

    But I didn’t want to exclude people that live elsewhere so I’m doing a Parallel giveaway which will be open to all countries. (It also will allow US entries – but the people outside the US will get 2 entries as they are locked out of the goodreads one) Also the books that come directly from me will be signed so that’s a bonus.

    Here is a link to where you can go to sign up for it:


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