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HealedIf you are sick of the same old stereo typical comic books, than Healed might be the cure you are looking for.  Healed is a unique series that is just as much a statement about our society as it is a comic book.

It all begins when the world is “healed”, essentially being cured of all illness and disease.  Initially this sounds great, but as you read on you begin to question how good this new reality is.  The lack of disease and the realizations that follow lead to chaos.  Fear of over crowding and running out of resources become major concerns.  Not only that but the structure of the economy is drastically changed as well.  Where research and development for pharmaceutical drugs and disease cures were high priorities and profitable in the past, they have become worthless over night.


The main story follows Donna Gibbs and here assistant Anthony Mendoza.  Donna, the head of R&D for the pharmaceutical division of her company, will stop at nothing to discover the cause of the healing. Reviving her industry, and possibly even reversing the healing. While her motives aren’t clear Anthony acts as a moral compass constantly question his boss’s actions as well as his own.   As she successfully drags Anthony out of bed and into her own schemes you get the feeling Donna knows more then she is letting on.  No matter how hard Anthony tries to escape her grasp she finds a way to get what she wants out him, and everyone else.


The story also jumps around following different characters giving you a wide variety of reactions to the healing, both good and bad.  You will meet everyone from elderly folk who are just getting there memory back, drunks who livers work again, the terminally ill who are no longer terminal and a mysterious young man who still cant walk despite all the miracles occurring around him on a daily basis.


The art adds a dark and curious feel to the book that is a welcome addition to the story.  The presentation of the art makes the comic feel like a classic noir tale and adds an element of mystery to the story.  This simple and effective approach allows you to get into the characters and the story instead of constantly worrying about whats happening in each frame.  Some frames have little to no background at all, yet while your reading the comic you wouldn’t have any idea because the delivery is so solid.


Overall Healed is an incredibly interesting story that draws in and leaves you wanting more before you can even grasp the full scope of the comic.

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