Summit City Comic Con Preview Event

The cultural context of comic books is never more relevant than when a crossover happens. When the stories that fill the glossy pages of our childhood move from print to film, or to the screens in our homes. Unlike the young upstart format of video games, there is no debate that comics are art. The pencil and brushes that create these masterpieces are making art with every panel. So when the directors of Summit City Comic Con decided to do an art show preview before the opening of the con it just made sense.

Displayed at Lotus Gallery were a number of original works and sequential pages of both popular and local artists. The show serves a reminder of the creativity and originality of the art that goes into the mythos of comics. It is a good reminder of the talent of the people who bring us stories of pain and glory, fall and redemption.

The Summit City Comic Con preview event runs on Saturday April 27th from 6pm to 9pm and Saturday April 28th from 12pm to 4pm at Lotus Gallery, 1301 Lafeyette St. Fort Wayne, IN 46802.







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