Sky Pirates of Valendor Volume Two

Sky Pirates of Valendor

Sky Pirates of Valendor is a beautiful marriage of fantasy and science fiction elements that shouldn’t be ignored. If you have never heard of Sky Pirates or missed out on the first volume there is no need to worry.  The second volume does an excellent job of introducing itself and the previous story lines at the beginning and then dives right into the plot without skipping a beat.

Volume 2 opens with a tense bar scene, involving Tobin, captain of the Rouges Revenge, and Shyni, one of the many women in Tobin’s life.  The story kicks it into high gear almost instantly revealing details of both Tobin and Shyni’s past, while explaining how it connects to the political turmoil that faces Valendor and the challenges that lie ahead for Tobin and his crew.

Sky Pirates’ biggest strength is that the art and words come together almost flawlessly to help immerse the reader into the world of Valendor.  Things such as Tobin ordering whiskey at the bar, his problems with his father, and his issues with Shyni and ex-wife Gearz all help the reader connect with the characters on a human level that makes Valendor come alive.

The art work hammers this home by providing an incredibly high level of detail in every panel.  From the backgrounds, to the characters expressions, to the dirt on Tobin’s boots, it seems every detail in every picture is jumping off the page at you, bringing you deeper into the world of Valendor.  The art work shines brightest in the Issue 4 delivering an intense battle sequence worthy of any great action movie.

The back pages of the comic are jammed with extras that die hard fans will drool over.  Things such as ship schematics, maps of Valendor and the personal log of Captain Nickerson all add to extra elements to the comic and create a large and mysterious back story surrounding the world of Valendor.

Overall Sky Pirates of Valendor is a fun and exciting comic that delivers  on every level and shouldn’t be missed by anyone who considers themselves a fan of good artwork and great story telling.

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