Podcasts #5: Two Comic Guys

The Granite State ComiCon is the largest comic and artist convention north of Boston. Chris Proulx from Double Midnight Comics in Manchester, New Hampshire is the force behind these events. On our show, just prior to the event in 2005, we were fortunate to have Jamal Igle from DC Comics and Mitch Breitweiser from Marvel Comics. Jamal Igle Is a popular comic book artist who has worked his way up the ranks from Intern at DC Comics to his current successful penciling career. Over the years Jamal has been editor, art director and animation storyboard artist.Marvel Comics is exceedingly proud to announce that they have signed artist Mitchell Breitweiser to an exclusive contract.Though his name may not be immediately recognizable to many comic fans, Breitweiser is currently working on Marvel’s much-anticipated DRAX THE DESTROYER series with legendary high-profile writer Keith Giffen. Readers may previously be familiar with the artist’s unique delineations on AGENT X, NOBEL CAUSES, and his creator-owned project for Image, PHANTOM JACK (alongside writer and co-creator Mike San Giacomo. This is Part 1 of a free wheeling conversation we had with them both. 

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