Talkcast #3: Comic Con!

Talkcast #3 will start in about half an hour (8pm Eastern time) and I wanted to announce the prize for answering the trivia question of the week. In addition to Weird Science #1 (reprint) from Comfan Comics, and Nemo 2025 by Peter Vinton Jr. this week you can also win a Harley Quinn print by Sara Richard!

Harley Quinn by Sara Richard

Tonights question:

5 Billion years in the future a mysterious alien who calls The Doctor”Old Friend”, looks  like a face in a jar. What  is it called and for extra geek points, whom is it rumored to be?

2 Responses to “Talkcast #3: Comic Con!”

  1. Chompa

    The answer is the face of Boe. aka Captain Jack Harkness.

  2. Chompa

    Hey – I didn’t get the email?

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