So how does this all work anyway?

Prior to our first show on Saturday, I wanted to post some general instructions for getting the most out of your Sci-Fi Saturday Night experience. For those of you new to some of the technologies that we’re using, I hope this will help you better interact with us.

1. How do I listen to the show?

In order to listen to the show the most critical criteria is that it is 8pm Eastern time on Saturday Night. We are scheduled to broadcast from 8-9pm, so if you log on at 8:15 please still feel free to join us. There are two sites you can visit in order to listen to us live: Talkshoe and UStream. These links will take you directly to our show’s page on each of these sites. Then just follow the onsite directions (if any) to listen in.

If you’ve missed our live broadcast, be patient! Usually 24-48 hours after a show is broadcast, it is posted up on this site embedded in a blog post. To show a list of all past shows (without any of the other blog posts), in the sidebar on the right of this site, find the dialog bubble that says “Categories” and select “Podcast”. This will show a list of all the posts that contain a recording of the show.

2. What’s this Trivia thing? How do I win?

In the middle of the show – around 8:30 – we will have a trivia segment where you can enter to win FABULOUS prizes donated by our sponsors. There will be one question/prize per show. In order to win you must:

  • Have a twitter account (sign up for free at
  • Your twitter updates must NOT be protected
  • After we ask the trivia question: tweet the answer with @sfsn somewhere in the message. For instance, if the answer was “Dalek” you should tweet “@sfsn Dalek!”

The first person who gets the correct answer (who hasn’t won before!) wins the fabulous prize. If you have won, we will announce it on the air, and send you a direct message on twitter asking for your address (in order to send said fabulous prize). If the winner does not send their address within 48 hours of receiving the direct message they forfeit the prize and the runner up will be contacted. (Side Note: Direct messages on twitter are COMPLETELY private, and we won’t share your address with anyone. Promise.)

3. Ok so now I’m Listening and Tweeting, but I want to ask a question!

There are a couple of ways to communicate with us during the show:

  • Twitter: It’s not just for trivia! If you tweet something @sfsn, we’ll probably see it.
  • Chat: We have an IRC room on (#scifisaturdaynight). If you have no idea what that means, don’t worry, just chat with us by clicking here (opens a popup).
  • Call in: there will be specific points in certain shows where we MAY allow people to call in. If this happens, we will give directions live on the show.

So what’s the best way to talk to us? Chat.

4. I think I’ve got it, but should I bookmark this post?

There’s really no need to save this post, because all of the links included are located for your convenience on the sidebar to the right. Look for the dialog bubbles entitled “How to Listen” and “How to Interact” for quick links to all of the services mentioned in this post.

One Response to “So how does this all work anyway?”

  1. so easy, even I can do it! Hope to hear from you all this Saturday night.

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