TalkCast 66 – The call of the Alaskan Marian and other Geek Oddities.

2010 Year In Review Part II

(Because there were so many unanswered questions in Part 1)

Graphic by Marian Call

Worst Comic/Graphic Novel:
Dome: Models, Inc.
Java: Chaos War: Thor
Dru: Titans: Villains for Hire
Dead Redhead: End of Ex Machina/Restart of Wonder Woman
Illustrator X:  Too many to count

Best Surprise Of the Year:
Dome: Clare Kramer/Mercedes McNabb Interview
Kriana: Our Interview with Stanton Friedman
Java: New Doctor Who
Dru: Doug Jones!
Dead Redhead: Music – Alice Cooper still kicks ass
Zombrarian: “This is Adam West….”
Illustrator X:  Outpouring of support for our Jeanne Robinson Charity Events

Worst Disappointment:
Kriana: True Blood brings in the Fairies; SyFy shows WWE
Java: SGU canceled/Sanctuary coming back/SyFy films
Zombrarian: Spiderman Musical, over and over and over again
Dru: Not grabbing James Marsters/ Torchwood on hold
Dead Redhead: cost to get to talk to and photograph James Marsters
Illustrator X:  No moonbases or standard spaceflights in 2010 as promised by the works of Arthur C. Clarke

Best Hard Science:
Dome  – The reveal of the false study linking Autism and childhood inoculation
Kriana: None. Meh. Bah Humbug. Science Journalism SUCKS.
Java: South Pole Neutrino Detector/Fortress of Solitude
Dru: Cure for AIDs
Dead Redhead: Upsurge in Crypto-Zoology this year/work on the Invisibility Cloak

Worst Science, or lack thereof:
Kriana: Arsenic based life
Java: Arsenic based life
Dru: New Zealand UFO files
Dead Redhead: Wiki-leaks on UFOs
Dome: New Zealand UFO Files

Our interview tonight is with Sci-Fi Songstress Marian Call. You can listen to/buy her music here.

To be entered to win an as yet undetermined prize package of monumental worth and incalculable value, simply post a comment on this ‘cast.


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One Response to “TalkCast 66 – The call of the Alaskan Marian and other Geek Oddities.”

  1. RDaneelOlivaw

    Great program this week. I was really impressed with Marian Call, especially with her insights that science fiction is both a great reflection of our cultural fears and hopes, and also a commentary on current events. Her favorite author, Bradbury, certainly incorporated a lot of that in his works, and while Asimov used a lot of historical basis for his novels, the elements of history he picked out were also applicable to today–and tomorrow. Her whole outlook was amazingly refreshing.

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