Talkcast 65 – The Binary ‘Cast 1-1-11

A very disjointed look at the year in review. In Part One of 2010 in Review, with our guest Chad Cicconi, we discuss…

Art by Chad Cicconi

Best Movie:

Dome, Java & Illustrator X: Inception
Kriana: Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief
Dru: Iron Man 2
Zombrarian: Jonah Hex (or Mansquito)
Dead Redhead: http:Machete/Kickass
Chad: Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows

Worst Movie:
Dome: Skyline
Kriana: TRON Legacy
Java: Predators
Dru: Twilight, Eclipse (Zombrarian Concurs)
Zombrarian: Shutter Island
Illustrator X:  any original SyFy movie

Best Television:
Dome: No Ordinary Family/Fringe
Kriana: Doctor Who
Java: Walking Dead
Dru: Psych
Zombrarian: Warehouse 13 (Honorary mention to Matt Smith for not sucking)
Dead Redhead: Fringe/Hub Network featuring the 60’s Batman
Chad: Archer
Illustrator X:  The Death of 10th Doctor

Worst Television:
Dome: Smallville/Caprica
Kriana: Smallville
Java: Sanctuary
Dru: Smallville/ Hawaii Five-0
Zombrarian: Smallville/The Eureka Christmas Special.
Dead Redhead: Smallville
Illustrator X:  that damn soccer episode of Dr. Who

Favorite Comic:
Kriana & Java: Walking Dead
Dome: Walking Dead/ Zombies vs. Cheerleaders
Dru: Kill Shakespeare
Dead Redhead: Batwoman/I Zombie
Illustrator X:  Girl Genius
Zombrarian: Underburbs
Chad: Wednesday Comics (DC)/Chew

  • Next week we cover the rest of 2010:
  • Worst Comics, Best Surprise, Worst Disappointment,  Best & Worst Hard Science, Best & Worst Books.

Our Guest is Chad Cicconi who is part of  Action Labs Entertainment KickStarter project, Fracture.

To be entered to win a set of Chad’s original prints, please make a comment on the website about this TalkCast.


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3 Responses to “Talkcast 65 – The Binary ‘Cast 1-1-11”

  1. Find The Easter Egg this week….Tell us what it is

  2. RDaneelOlivaw

    For what it’s worth…my thoughts on hard science bests/worsts/other for 2010 since you didn’t get to it in last Saturday. Best: Tie between initial full scale operations of the CERN Large Hadron Collider (that’s the physicist in me) without creating an end-of-the-world black hole and the creation/”capture” of anti-matter for 1/6 of a second (also at CERN). Both have the potential for fundamentally changing our understanding of how the world works…and of course the second is absolutely essential so that Scotty has his warp engines! Neatest and Cool: The development of “quantum paddles” at UCSB which showed quantum effects on a man-made object for the first time. Neatest but potentially scary (Kriana may not agree!): J. Craig Venter Institute’s using a completely synthesized genome to change a bacterium from one type to another…successfully Think “Splice”. Worst: While not original in 2010, the discovery of outright data falsification in the 1998 paper by Wakefield, et al that linked the MMR vaccine to autism. The damage done by the paper in significantly reducing vaccination rates was significant.

    Just my two cents worth!

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