What Television Network Rhymes with ROCKS and Sucks?

Yes Fellows and Girls, The wonderful brain trust at FOX has once again done everything it can possibly do to screw up DOLLHOUSE, and once again Joss Whedon is the lucky recipient of the stupidity. Must we revisit the stupidity that Fox perpetrated on the public with Firefly; insisting that the episodes be shown out of sequence, canceling the series with 5 shows left in the can, repeated interference from “executives” wanting to insert creative control, the lack of a consistent timeslot and about as much support as a rubber crutch.You would have thought Joss had learned his lesson, or at the very least been burned one too many times, When word of Dollhouse first began to spread, there were the doomsayers whispering…”oh my god, it’s FOX”… and it would seem they were rightThe  first problem that was made public was…ONCE AGAIN…..THE FIRST EPISODE. Fox decided to “revamp” it All was not happy in Whoville, my children as The Grinch began its incessant assault on the creative process. Joss is keeping up a brave and smiling public front but the word is there was grumbling about the casting of Amy Acker, There was dismay at holding the show off until February, and now there is a dispute about the total commitment from The Grinch Who Stole Creativity (mainly, how many episodes will they guarantee) So the FAUX Network has begun to grind down Joss again. Be strong Mr. Whedon, there are those who love your work.

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