Sci Fi Radio, BattleStar, Granitecon and A Woman Named Shawnti

So, here’s what’s been going on in the world of SciFiCo. We are currently in negotiations with a local AM station in Nashua, NH to air our radio show. While their terrestrial broadcast footprint is small, they stream, which would give us some national visibility. As a result of the delicate nature of these negotiations, I am loathe to say much more but if all goes well there will be a MAJOR announcement within the next 2 weeks.I have been pondering the fact that I have really been unable to watch BattleStar, so much so that I am TIVOing it and am 4 episodes behind. I have really been a huge fan and now it is becoming torture to watch, and the reason is it IS TORTURE. The amount of violence, blood and death and not only been upped tremendously, the severity and graphic nature has become extreme to the point of nausea.Maybe I’m getting old. Maybe I want it to be plot driven, not blood driven. There has to be a medium, a balance point where the violence endemic to the script is there without everyone walking around bruised, bloodied or worse. Perhaps the worst part of this rant is that I am really still liking it, but must do it in very small doses. The Men of Double Midnight did a wonderful job of organizing it. There was a great mix of toys, games, dealers, artists and an odd assortment of people in costumes (“I know all your moves”).So Kriana, Dru and I spent the better part of the morning spending money we didn’t have on things we don’t need. I came away with 3 new renderings of Harley Quinn (my personal fave). As we were perusing the artist’s tables, we stumbled across a young lady named Shawnti Therrien. She is a freelance artist who is quite talented. You can see her work Her work is stunning and it is my hope to have her on our first show when we are back on the air.This is Dome saying, check out Shawnti’s website when you get the chance, and stay tuned here for an announcement.

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