Another franchise that Will Smith can kill

Some things just cannot be forgiven. I speak of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, cohort of DJ Jazzy Jeff, Will Smith. His crimes against the genre are…..sigh… know, I just cant do here’s what we are gonna do

Sci Fi Movies Will Smith hasn’t killed:

Men In Black

Independence Day

  Sci-Fi Movies Will Smith CANNOT BE FORGIVEN FOR:


I, Robot

Wild Wild West

            Which leaves us with his upcoming, I Am Legend (a remake of the Omega Man which was a remake of The last Man on Earth which was based loosely on a novella by Richard Matheson.) Haven’t we learned anything yet? Doesn’t Hollywood have 1 original idea left? Can’t we find anyone else to play the tortured lonely everyman? Evidently the answer is no, and with the writers strike being prolonged by Studio idiocy, the chances of anything new coming out are….well…slimmer that they ever have been.. Wake UP Hollyweed, there are literally thousands of short stories, novellas, novels screaming for attention. Instead of bastardizing I, Robot, perhaps it’s time to look at Stranger in a Strange Land, which has been optioned umpteen times and left to die. Perhaps its time to stop regurgitating the same semi-slick garbage with extra-cooler effects and louder soundtracks.

Or, not., Hollyweed seems content to be Green and Recycle….personally I am getting just a bit tired of the same old sh*t.


This is Dome, separating the paper and plastic for your consumeristic enjopyment

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