Talkcast 41 – Our Third of July Spectacular

Our special guests for the 3rd. of July Mike Dougherty and Miriam Pultro from Browncoats Redemption. The Four Colour Vault of Comics was over run by some of our devoted fans and Empress Sith and Mr. Washey came by to talk about some of the burning Sci-Fi issues of the week. Discussion began with Wonder Woman’s makeover and her lack of Iconic status, Greg Peltz’s new graphics of StarWars characters and SyFy’s latest Sautrday Night Movie,  Mega-Python Vs. Gatoroid. Kriana mentioned True Blood’s new blog on HBO featuring baby Jessica.  In other headlines this week, A former Trek writer has been optioned to write the script for Heinlein’s iconic, Have Spacesuit, Will Travel, Garfield is the new Spider-Man(no it’s not the cartoon cat), and someone it stealing sci-fi artifacts once again.

Our second half was a review of the rough cut of Browncoats Redemption and a nifty interview with Mike and Miriam (huge heart!). Then drinking ensues as we celebrate being able to celebrate tomorrow. Some days I’m glad we don’t have flying cars yet.

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