Talkcast40 – Area 51’s Invasion

In a departure from our usual format, almost the entire cast converged upon the Area 51 compound for the first time, but Java who was measuring Crop Circles. The super secret underground laboratory and Table Tennis Pavilion was also opened to our guests, writes Greg Norris and Laura Van Vleet and Browncoats Redemption Editor and Puffs Plus Poster Boy Andrew Marnik. In our round table discussion recap of the week, we talked about Double Midnight’s 8th Birthday Party, the rumors of Peter Jackson directing The Hobbit, the hue and cry for a producer for the oft discarded Wonder Woman Movie project. Fox is attempting to ruin another classic, The Martian Chronicles, The Henson Studios announce Dark Crystal II and the Green Hornet Trailer is released.

In our second half, Greg and Laura regale us with stories of Trek and Hollywood from their perspective and what it was like to work in that system. Andrew brings us an update on the finishing  being done on Browncoats Redemption and  preorders for the film.


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